Dear Peerstorm User,

The main focus of our business is providing solutions to our clients (mostly in Health Care); creating the Peerstorm suite of tools was no more than finding a solution to a problem.

What was the problem? How to create a more effective method of proofing forms, artwork, documentation (and any other projects). Some of our clients require approval from different departments and in a Health Care facility, or large business, that requires a lot of running around for the facilitator (or designer). We also evaluated that Designers encounter this same problem with approvals from clients; we found this to be true with our own design projects as well. Needless to say, these commonplace practices did not reflect what we refer to as a “Best Practice”.

The Peerstorm suite of tools, Peerstorm: Proof (Available Now) and Consensus (Coming Soon), were designed to facilitate better practices in these scenarios. Using over 40 years of experience in providing clients solutions, we started the development of these tools…

But it doesn’t stop there; we still need your input.

Part of developing a great product and maintaining a Best Practice is constantly evolving it to suit the current situations and clients, and for that we look to our users. No one knows better which tools help you to complete your projects efficiently, and get them proofed with the least amount of hassle (for you and your clients).

So, when you sign up for Peerstorm: Proof (or Consensus, Coming Soon) we want to hear your feedback. If you discover a bug or if you think you have a feature that we should include, let us know. If we see the need for it reflected in our user base, we will work towards adapting the software to better accommodate you.

Thanks for helping us develop Best Practices in all work environments.


K. Caskenette
President of Medirex Systems Inc.

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