[ ] This can be used to represent a "Check Box"
X______ Used to insert a signature line on the page.
[X______] Used to insert a signature line on the page, with 4 Borders set around it (ex. in a box)
Balloon Encircle the Copy or Design
Baseline The imaginary line that copy sits on
Border A line (or Stroke) drawn around a side of an area; there can be four borders around a box: left, right, top, and bottom.
Copy DPI

Text or written content of a document/form Dots Per Inch. This refers to a Printer’s resolution. Printed pages are created using individual dots placed on a page.

Density The degree of tone, weight of darkness, or colour within a photo or reproduction
Font/Typeface A collection of characters
Font Family A collection of Fonts/Typefaces in a variety
of styles (condensed, light, roman, medium, heavy, etc)
Gutter The blank space or margin between components on a printed piece or press sheet
Kerning or Letter-spacing The decrease or increase (respectively) of the spacing between two characters set on a line: MAX, M A X , or M A X
Leading The space in points (pt) from one baseline to the next one down
PPI Pixels Per Inch. The resolution of a digital image or pixel based file.
Point (pt) This is used to measure type: 1pt = 1/72inch
Return To send a character, word, sentence, to the next line in the copy.
Screening This means insert a colour band behind every other line of the copy.
Stroke A line drawn on a page or the outline around an object or character.
Stroke Weight The point (pt) value of a Stroke
Symbols Any character that is not included within the alphanumeric set: !, @,#,$,%,etc

This is a file which has no dots or pixels. The content is generated using mathematical equations and therefore has no resolution (this means it can be scaled infinitely)

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