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Why would I need ? Competing in today’s fast-moving, competitive industry requires a specialized team of professionals. Government processes are moving towards paperless communication using new tools which require unique documents, whether on paper or digital. Peerstorm is a collaborative tool for teams to develop forms and documents, for legislative material, procurement, supply chain, process improvement ideas, or any other innovative idea you may think needs to be shared with your peers.

What does do? Peerstorm is an innovation-enabler platform, and innovation comes from front-line team members. All levels of government, because of their complexity and risks related to new processes, plus the social media, make sharing ideas and information difficult. Peerstorm allows anyone in a team to share their innovative ideas with peers; whether legislative, financial, purchasing, or technological.

Peerstorm also provides a full audit history of a proof: everything from moving a note, to approving the document. Each line item is stamped with the date, time, and user who performed the action; a crucial tool in an industry which relies on accountability.

What do I need to use ?Peerstorm is a web-based application so all you require to access it is the use of a desktop, tablet, laptop, smart phone, or any tool to access the internet.

What does cost? Nothing. Peerstorm is a free public tool. Only the private version has a cost; this gets installed on a different server where only your data is stored.

Who can use ? Anyone can use Peerstorm, for any innovative idea, in any industry that they require collaboration with other team members/peers.

How can I start using now? To access Peerstorm, click here to register. And then login in the future at the top of any page on this website or by going directly to

If you need any help, try the live chat or check our Media section.

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